Free speech casualty in Scotland

Brian Wilson has written for the West Highland Press for 38 years since founding it with four others in 1972.

His friend and fellow columnist, Prof Macleod, a Free Church of Scotland theologian wrote a column in the paper on May 22nd 2015 about the spread of Islam in the UK in which he made the following observations:

All minorities prefer to keep a low profile.
Generations of British Muslims have done exactly that, many have made an invaluable contribution to British society, and many are perfectly prepared to listen quietly while Christians ‘witness’ to them
But when minorities become majorities, things change… in the event of Islamic dominance in Britain our friendly Muslim shopkeepers will have little option but to march behind the radicals. 
The making of this last point led to a storm of protest. Brian Wilson wrote a column in defense of freedom of speech, arguing that the usual manner of dissent from ideas is to write. Not good enough.

Brian Wilson has been sacked as editor of the paper and Prof Macleod will no longer be contributing. What a sad reflection on the state of democratic debate in the UK.

Daily Telegraph article on Brian Wilson

It is ironic that in the same week that this story broke, Raymond Ibrahim published another of his excellent articles on the plight of non-Muslims under Islamic dominance in which he provides compelling evidence of exactly the point that Prof Macleod makes.

When Muslims betray non-Muslim friends and neighbors

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