When clean meets unclean

I was left aghast by this story from Leicestershire, UK, of a Muslim family protesting about a "non-believer" being buried next to their relative. Obviously, one expects this kind of thing from Muslims so that is not the source of my shock. What shocks me is the reaction of the authorities who seem willing to comply with the wishes of the Muslims to have the non-believer exhumed and moved somewhere else!

Where are the calls for mutual respect now; where the preaching about the value of diversity; where the outcry over Muslim hostility to non-believers? Is someone going to tell these Muslims to learn to live in peace with others? No? Well, what a surprise!

The readiness to concede to Muslim demands is the new normal. There is now in the UK an acceptance of Muslim hostility and contempt towards non-believers as normal.

It is another step downwards into servitude. Here.

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